Add Your Name: Legalize Gestational Surrogacy in New York

All New Yorkers, including LGBTQ people and couples struggling with fertility, should be able to fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

Currently New York is one of only three states that ban the practice of gestational surrogacy, creating legal uncertainty and forcing many New York families to go through costly and harmful hurdles, including traveling outside of the state.

This year, we must pass legislation to lift the ban on gestational surrogacy, provide the strongest protections for surrogates in the nation, and ensure that all parents have access to necessary legal protections for their children.

The legislation will also:

  1. Establish the strongest Surrogates' Bill of Rights in the nation.
  2. Streamline "second parent adoption" process by creating new procedure for establishing parentage of children born through surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproduction.
  3. Create legal protections for parents of children conceived through reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination and egg donation.

Add your name and join our effort to legalize gestational surrogacy and ensure protections for all families in New York once and for all.